Influence is the ability to cause others to act or think in ways that you desire.  Attractiveness is what gives you influence.  Attractiveness is the quality which makes it desirable and rewarding for others to communicate with, collaborate with, and be around you.   Convincing your neighbor to split the cost of painting the fence, getting the next promotion, and even getting that first date requires influence.  To influence others, you will need to be attractive.

Attractive Boost # 1:  Remember, EVERYTHING Is Personal: There’s No Such Thing As “Just Business”

Attractive Boost # 2:  Slow down, don’t talk in shorthand.

Attractive Boost # 3:  Listen deeply.  Listen with your ears, your eyes, your brain, and your heart.

Attractive Boost # 4:  Be thoughtful.  Think.

Attractive Boost # 5:  Be patient.  Its not just about you, the task, or the time.

​Attractive Boost # 6:  Be engaged.  Ask clarifying questions, propose win-win solutions.

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