Corporate and Organizational Communication Consulting

Communication workshops and development for your organization or team will improve performance, environment, and the attractiveness of your organization to employees, business partners, and customers.

Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your team’s communication by building communication skills and expanding communication competencies: team training, team building, and team relationships.

  • Mission Statement development workshops.  This workshop guides people through the process of developing and articulating their own personal mission statement.  A mission statement guides us in our relationships, career, and life decisions, helping us to state and remember who we are, what our core values are, and what our action steps to fulfill our life mission are.
  • Cultural Fluency & Communication – Improve your attractiveness and effectiveness with diverse employees, peers, clients, customers, business partners, and potential friends by understanding and adapting to basic cultural values and “communication codes” of diverse populations.
  • Gender & Communication – Foster maximum engagement, intuition, and action. Capitalize on the specialized tools employed by both genders in communication by understanding communication styles and goals.
  • Influence & Persuasive Communication – Help your team have the Courage! 2 sell & get buy-in. Whether you are selling ideas, services, or products, there are skills, psychological processes, and attitudes that must meet the need of the customer if they are to become YOUR customer.
  • Cultural Fluency for Christians –Increase your influence and engagement by using respectful communication and relationship building with people of different faith traditions.

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Communication allows micro relationships to create macro social changes. Dr. Courage! delivered this message through our communication course in a manner that people of all learning styles could embrace. This empowered each and every student to learn to communicate more effectively and build better relationships.

Bryce Daniels

Dr. Angela Courage

M.A., Ed.D., CEO

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