Dr. Courage brings understanding and sheds light on some of the most important topics of our day... after attending her first session it was very clear my investment was going to yield big returns. This is one workshop you don’t want to miss. Dr. Courage has a gentle style that opened my eyes AND my heart to gain some knowledge about a topic I absolutely didn’t understand!!! Too many ahh-ha moments to count!

Cozy Dixon

“Dr. Angela Courage is the type of person who leads with heart. She is competent, experienced, and professional in her field . “

Fadil Bayarri

Doc, I have to say I gained skills I KNOW I’ll be using for the rest of my life. Also, I’m grad school bound!!! This is thanks to you and everything you’ve done for me! Even outside the classroom you have helped me to become the mature young man I am today!!! Thank you so so much! Love you!

Julius Mayes

A great friendship is about two things: First appreciating the similarities, and second, respecting the differences. Doc Courage is a game-changer and continues to be a voice for the voiceless.

TRay Greer

“Dr. Courage is a relational communicator that is educated and touched with the realities of diversity in a very unique way. She is a beautiful communicator, and I encourage you to get acquainted with her.”

Steve Dixon

Dr. Courage! has the training, experience and unique disposition to bring awareness and new insights to organizations and individuals, especially on the topics of interracial and cross-cultural bridge building and restorative communication. She is an effective communicator. She has a special ability to educate her audience on the importance of mindful communication and the benefits of being receptive to the ideas and perspectives of others. She communicates in ways that motivate positive change.
Among her best attributes are her personal authenticity, passion for the subjects in which she offers expertise and her professional integrity. I recommend her highly as an educator, speaker and colleague to effect organizational and individual change.

Henderson Brown

It is rare that you come across a dynamic facilitator that has both the education and experience to connect theory with action. Dr. Angela Courage! has such expertise and presents it in an authentic and targeted way. She conducts workshops that provide you with tools to improve your communication immediately. She has a methodical way of breaking down the science behind the process to show you how to convey your intended message to the audience effectively. I highly recommend Angela’s course for anyone wanting to elevate their communications and relationship building skills!

Laurinda Rainey

Dr. Angela Courage! is a passionate and dynamic speaker who informs and uplifts her audience in those ways that make every presentation that she facilitates thoroughly important, meaningful and worthwhile

Dr. Charles F. Robinson II

Dr. Charles F. Robinson II

Dr. Courage!,
Thank you! The training sessions were informative, exciting and fun!
The sales training gave us the tools to exceed our customer's expectations. You helped us communicate with our clients better, in find their needs and wants better, and offer a positive shopping experience from greeting to the delivery. We have always prided ourselves in taking care of our customers, but you were able to show us new ways in taking it to another level.
The managerial training I received from you was fantastic. Thanks to you, I'm able to coach and support my sales and delivery teams. I'm able to identify areas where they might need some extra support and training. By strengthening these areas, I'm able to give my sales team the confidence and expertise to satisfy our guests. It has been extremely satisfying in seeing them grow in areas where they have not before.
I would definitely recommend Courage! Communication 4 Change for anyone or any business wanting to grow and become better. Your training and communication sessions have helped us increase our sales by double digits and have increased employee retention and fulfillment.

Gary Abide

Communication allows micro relationships to create macro social changes. Dr. Courage! delivered this message through our communication course in a manner that people of all learning styles could embrace. This empowered each and every student to learn to communicate more effectively and build better relationships.

Bryce Daniels

As a professor, Dr. Courage! taught us valuable communication skills and how to incorporate them into our everyday life. She is genuinely insightful. True to her name, she gave me the courage to courageously go beyond the ordinary and onto something much more meaningful and fulfilling in life.

Ai Doan

Ai Doan

Dr. Courage! engages businesses, non-profits, educators and our communities to come together to accomplish and sustain great wins. Using the combination of intellect and heart, she succeeds at stimulating communication of ideas in organizations and inspires them to dream and passionately work to bring the ideas to life. I have worked with Dr. Courage! in both higher education and in serving the community in various organizations. In her pursuit of solutions, she challenges the status quo, asks probing questions and then works collaboratively to determine new paths for greater service in the organization. I found her work training students to be critical thinkers and critical doers extremely exciting.

Thanks Dr. Courage! for bridging the gap of intellect and the heart . . . ideas and dreams….put into actions driving success!

Joseph K. Wood

Joseph K. Wood

I had the privilege of taking diversity & multicultural communication with Dr. Courage!, one of the most rewarding classes ever. I now see the stereotypes portrayed in television, which I had been completely oblivious to before. I also can watch interactions, or have an interaction with someone from a different culture and not be nervous about the differences, instead I am curious and more patient. Although I cannot make a change in intercultural relations, I now understand it more and can influence my in-group, and even expand my in-group. By starting there, maybe I can change intercultural relations.
Thank you for such a wonderful class!

Tabitha Nelson

Tabitha Nelson

"Dr. Courage! is an inspirational speaker. Her story helps her audience find their internal motivation to help, to create change, and to BE the change that is needed in their own worlds.
She has been instrumental in helping us expand our support base, and to put a face to the benefits society gains as LifeSource gives people "a hand up, not just a hand out." She is an inspirational example of how investing in people makes a tangible difference in their lives, in the community, in the economy, and in the giver.

Ernie Conduff

Dr. Angela Courage

M.A., Ed.D., CEO

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