Motivational Speaking

Dr. Courage! is an inspirational speaker. Her personal stories, transparency, creativity and expertise create exciting, engaging, and effective events.

She will inspire you, challenge you, equip you, and dare you to take the next steps forward.

Dr. Courage! delivers communication tools that will empower you to have satisfying professional and personal relationships, drive your sales, be a change agent, and connect through communication more effectively with diverse others. Using research based sources and her own experiences, you will find her to be engaging and inspire you to acquire and use the tools of skillful communication. 

Dr. Courage! is skilled and passionate about improving Communication, Cultural Fluency, Influence, Creating Change, & Interpersonal Connection because, “The quality of your communication dictates the quality of your relationships."

Focus Topics
Communication – Your communication dictates the quality of your relationship(s).  Improve the quality of your communication and you will improve the quality of your whole life.  Dr. Courage! delivers tools to empower you to connect, communicate, and influence peers, employers, employees, clients, teams, friends, family, and even yourself.

Cultural Fluency – In an increasingly small world it is imperative to communicate well with many different people groups.  Race, Gender, Nationality, Religion, and Culture all play key roles in our communication with diverse others.  Dr. Courage! uses her Master’s Degree in Communication along with her expertise in leading adults into new knowledge to deliver keys for success in understanding others and yourself.

As a result of Cultural Fluency event with Dr. Courage!

You will become more aware of yourself and diverse others,
You will become more comfortable with diverse others.
You will become more competent while communicating with diverse others.

Influencing Communication – Empower your team to sell your ideas, products, or services.  Get more dollars, more clients, and retain the customers you have with effective and ethical persuasive communication.  Whether you sell ideas, services, or products, sales drive profits.  Dr. Courage! uses her career in big ticket sales and sales training along with her Master of Arts in Communication to empower you with knowledge, and communication tools to drive your sales.

Change: Rescue Yourself! – Become a change agent for yourself, your organization, your team, your community, and your family.  Dr. Courage! has a riveting change journey of her own.  Using her personal stories, she inspires audiences while giving them strategies and tools needed to map and execute their own change through improved communication with self and others. 

Communication creates a path for every change. 
Communication commits us to and empowers action. 
Communication engages others to cooperate.
Communication celebrates and reinforces change.

Courage! 2 Connect – Dr. Courage!'s Master’s Degree in Communication is the foundation for her use of the sciences of interpersonal relationships, communication, and conflict to help people understand the art and the science of relationship building and maintenance through communication.  Whether you are in need of better understanding of your boss, employees, spouse, significant other, children, or neighbor . . . you need Courage! 2 Connect.

Dr. Courage! can help.

Thank You.

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Communication allows micro relationships to create macro social changes. Dr. Courage! delivered this message through our communication course in a manner that people of all learning styles could embrace. This empowered each and every student to learn to communicate more effectively and build better relationships.

Bryce Daniels

Dr. Angela Courage

M.A., Ed.D., CEO

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